Teeth are lost for a number of reasons. Here at the Grove, we will work with you to restore any unwanted gaps or spaces. There are a number of solutions to missing teeth but not all systems are available to everyone as a number of factors can affect the long term success of the treatment.

Depending on the number and position of the teeth missing, solutions to restoring spaces could include:

  1. Dentures- These are removable artificial teeth that are made to closely resemble a patients original teeth. There are a number of different types of dentures available
    • Acrylic/plastic dentures- These are great dentures for the immediate replacement of a lost tooth. They are quick to manufacture and are the cheapest solution when faced with a missing tooth/teeth. However they can feel bulky and uncomfortable to wear.
    • Cobalt Chromium/metal based denture- These are the strongest option and easier to tolerate especially for those with a strong gag reflex. They are thin and cover less of the roof of the mouth thus allowing improved taste perception. They are however more costly and take longer to manufacture due to their precision fit. In some cases, some metal clasps may be visible.
    • Valplast/Flexible dentures- These are highly aesthetic and the most invisible denture in the mouth. They are constructed from a flexible material thus making them comfortable. There are no visible clasps and are a great solution to those who have tried every other type of denture without success.
  2. Acid etch bridges
    These bridges are recommended for those spaces where the teeth either side of the space have no fillings. A porcelain tooth is bonded to a neighbouring healthy tooth. The preparation for these types of bridges can sometimes be done without any anaesthetic due to the minimal amount of tooth structure removal required.
  3. Conventional/fixed bridges.
    These bridges are more sturdy but require more destruction of neighbouring teeth so are reserved for restoring spaces for those who have existing crowns or large restorations. They are constructed from a strong metal framework covered with highly aesthetic porcelain. To achieve maximum aesthetics, the whole bridge can be constructed entirely out of highly aesthetic metal free porcelain eg Emax
  4. Implants
    This is the ideal way to replace a missing tooth although the most expensive. It involves the placement of a titanium screw into the jaw bone which then over a period of time becomes embedded in the bone thus providing a solid foundation to place a tooth. We do not carry out this option at the Grove but have a number of Implant specialists that we are happy to recommend and refer you to. Our hygienist service are then able to help to maintain your new implant retained tooth by using specialised scaling instruments.
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